Sink Soap Dispenser – Proper Cleaning and Care

sink soap dispenser

Sink Soap Dispenser – Proper Cleaning and Care

Although stainless steel appliances such as sink soap dispensers look good in the kitchen, they sometimes show fingerprints and hard-water marks. To keep your kitchen brilliant with most of the kitchen appliances being in good shape, you need to properly clean and maintain them. One of the most common finishes to find in the kitchen is stainless steel. It makes the kitchen look spectacular, but without proper cleaning and care, the appliances will be tarnished and have a bad look.

This guide will help you use the best methods and substances to clean your stainless steel appliances and built in sink soap dispensers. Soap dispensers are a great addition to any kitchen as they make washing hands and dishes to be convenient. Also, they enable the users to maintain a high level of hygiene. One of the advantages of a built-in sink soap dispenser is that they can be refilled from the top which eliminates the user from crawling under the sink to refill it. Below are some of the ways you can apply to ensure that you maintain and clean well your built in sink soap dispenser:

a) White vinegar – Apply white vinegar on a soft cloth and rub it on the area where there is dirt or grime. Wipe the area until the dirt is no longer seen. You can as well spray the spot and wipe it with a soft cloth. Do this repeatedly until the area is totally clean. Vinegar is an excellent substance that will leave the surface sparkling. You can wipe the clean area with lemon oil to leave it smelling fresh and shinny.

b) Dish soap – Actually, many people use dish soap to clean different stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen. As long as you know the direction of the grain, cleaning becomes easy. Simply apply the solution of dish soap and water to the area you want to clean. Follow the grain when cleaning and wipe the area with a soft cloth after cleaning.

c) Water and soft cloth – One of the simple and best ways to clean your built in soap dispenser is by carrying out regular cleaning. After cleaning dishes, you can warm water and dip a soft cloth in it before using it to wipe off stains, dirt, and grime on the dispenser.

d) Baby oil – Baby oil is an excellent product to use if you want to attain a fine shinny finish. All you need to do is to put a small portion of this oil on a dump cloth and apply it on the cleaned surface. The sink soap dispenser will appear glossy and well polished.

e) Olive oil – After cleaning your stainless steel surface with vinegar or warm water using a soft cloth, you can give it a nice shine by polishing it with olive oil. Simply add a few drops of the oil on a cloth and rub it in the direction of the grain. Observe if there is any oil residue left behind. Wipe it with a dry cloth.

f) Glass cleaner – This is important when you normally leave fingerprints on your stainless steel soap dispenser. If you notice fingerprints, easily remove them by use of a common glass cleaner. It will leave your stainless steel surface looking brilliant and shinny.

g) Wax – To properly maintain your sink soap dispenser for long, apply wax on it. Ensure that the stainless steel surface receives enough wax coatings to effectively cover the sink soap dispenser and prevent it from dirt, stains and grime. This is applied where a person wants to maintain the stainless steel soap dispenser for long.

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Caring for Your sink

Stainless steel soap dispensers are a beauty to have in your kitchen or bathroom. They are durably made and last longer than other materials. The only difficulty comes in when you need to clean them. There are different substances on the market that can be utilized. Know what to use and what to avoid. Substances such as oven cleaners, products with chloride, abrasive cleaners, and steel wool/brushes should be as well avoided. Use substances like vinegar, dish soap, baby oil, wax, lemon oil, water and a soft cloth.

One thing to note when cleaning stainless steel is that you have to follow the grain of the appliance or soap dispenser. Failure to-do-so may ruin the look of your soap dispenser. Also, this will help you give your sink soap dispenser a wonderful shine.

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