Do You Make Any Of These 7 Mistakes When Purchasing a Sink Soap Dispenser?

 sink soap dispenser - foaming soap dispenser[MISTAKE # 1] Do you purchase flimsy soap dispensers that looked great in a catalog picture or store shelf… but constantly break down, clog, and leak into your cabinets below, causing problems?

green checkAll of our soap dispensers are heavy duty… are only built with the finest components… and have a 5 year replacement warranty. Who else is offering you that kind of warranty?

[MISTAKE # 2] Do you have to pump several times on your soap dispenser to finally get the soap flowing?

green checkThe pumps on our soap dispensers are specifically designed to stay primed so they always deliver soap on the very first pump. And don’t drip.

[MISTAKE # 3] Does your soap dispenser squish soap all over the kitchen counter?

green checkThe Stainless Steel Pump Head on our soap dispensers has a 3″ nozzle so you can easily pump dish soap right into the sink. The top of the pump pulls off so you can simply add soap from the top of the dispenser… and never have to crawl under the counter to fill it up.

[MISTAKE # 4] Did you purchase your soap dispenser form a business that abandons you the minute you purchase the dispenser?

green checkWe have great customer service, and a superior tech support team that will help you in the event that you have a challenge with the installation. Full clear installation instructions are emailed to you at the time of purchase. And, we have an installation video on our website for your viewing (Link provided in installation instructions).

[MISTAKE # 5] Did your soap dispenser come with a low volume 13oz. soap bottle, as most do?

green checkOur soap dispensers come with a LARGE CAPACITY 17oz soap bottle.

[MISTAKE # 6] Do you purchase your FOAMING SOAP in plastic dispenser bottles from the retail store… plastic bottles that clutter up the counter, get used up and tossed in the trash… then fill up the landfills… and require your constant trips to the retail store for more plastic bottles or refills?

green checkPicture the messy plastic bottles and clutter gone from your counter forever… with your foaming soap now in a beautiful built in soap dispenser… that is specifically engineered for foaming soap.

[MISTAKE # 7] Do you have to make constant trips to the retail store for your liquid soap, and foaming soap, that were not developed specifically to work perfectly in your foaming soap dispenser?

green checkOur soap is developed specifically for our foaming soap dispensers… that along with the ease of being delivered right to your door. It’s 100% Natural, Organic, and contains no Animal Fats, Fillers, or By-Products. It’s cost effective with one bottle filling a 17oz soap dispenser 3 times.

Our reputation says it all…

(What Our Customers Have to Say…)

“Bought this to match a new Elkay faucet for a kitchen remodel. It is a good match to the Elkay and appears to be well constructed with a larger than average liquid soap container”.

“This dispenser was a great value. Branded differently you can spend twice as much for a similar dispenser. You cannot ask for more from a company for follow up service. It is clear that this company wants you to be happy. After buying and installing the first one, I bought a second to be able to dispense hand soap and dish soap”.

“It’s the best one on the market. Unlike the others this one holds a vacuum-all the time and its fast and easy to pump up the soap. The outside is a good quality – just like the others I tried. The difference is the pump mechanism inside. This one is of a higher quality and better engineering. I highly recommend this product”.

“If you are replacing that crappy soap dispenser that came with your faucet because it no longer works, this is the product for you. Not only is it priced right but the pump mechanism is certainly better than your current dispenser.”

“The dispenser was easy to install and works very well – no problems”.

“This dispenser actually works!!! I’ve used it for two weeks and am very pleased to report that stays “primed”. Also, it extends over the sink so that any drips don’t run down the side. It replaces a much more expensive dispenser that was purchased with the kitchen faucet. It was always problematic, requiring many pumps to deliver soap and always dripped”.

“Good Quality and Super Service”.

“Works perfectly and matches my new faucet. It’s very convenient to just get a quick pump of soap when washing your hands. Customer service is top notch. I received an email before I even received the dispenser with helpful advice. I would definitely buy from this company again”.

Order your soap dispenser TODAY With total confidence knowing that you have made the right choice

You can rest easy knowing that you purchased a good quality heavy duty soap dispenser that will not break down, looks great with your sink and faucet, was easy to install, and you can finally not worry about it anymore… and the peace of mind knowing that we will stand behind the dispenser with great “5-Star” customer service and a fantastic 5-year replacement warranty.

Sink Soap Dispensers & Organic Foaming Soap

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